The Themes Of Good Versus Evil In Beowulf

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To defeat the darkness and badness of the world you need to first find and acknowledge the darkness in yourself, in the book Beowulf, a New Telling readers will travel with the hero Beowulf as he fights away monsters while also ridding himself of his own, personal demons. Beowulf a new telling is a modernized remake of the original medieval epic, Beowulf. Throughout the book readers will find a theme of good versus evil, but as they look more closely will also see the theme of man versus self.
The theme I will be focusing on is man versus self. First, we can look at the clear light in the main character and hero Beowulf. One of the clearest examples of Beowulf’s nobility and bravery is when he killed the first threatening monster of the story named Grendel. Grendel was a dark and evil monster from a place called the Fen which is a dark forest where evil spirits come from. We see Beowulf’s light when he grabs the Grendel’s arm and Grendel immediately tries to escape his grasp because he cannot stand the light in Beowulf. Another important time we see Beowulf’s light is when he fights She, Grendel's mother. Beowulf is able to put the monster to sleep by simply declaring that he is Beowulf son of Beowulf, which means that he is only controlled by himself and by stating this his light and goodness shine through which puts the monster She in a daze where he can strangle her. However, throughout the book we also see how Beowulf is only so great because he can admit his weaknesses

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