The Theories Of Scott's Theory Of Behavior

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Question 1

There are two theories that can be used to describe Scott’s action is this scenario. Firstly, according to the behavioral perspective it analyzes how individuals learn new behaviors while modifying existing ones this is also dependent on whether events in there environments rewards or punish these behaviors. Scott’s environment is responsible for his behavior as we can see no evidence of discipline being used to punish him for such behaviors. B. F. Skinner explains operant conditioning as a type of learning where behavior is controlled by consequences. It is clearly seen by this theory Scott’s behavior was positively reinforced because no step was taken as a form of consequence to prevent him from this deviant behavior towards his schoolmates, siblings and community members. Secondly, Psychodynamics perspective explains the psychology of mental or emotional forces or processes developing especially in early childhood and their effects on behavior. Scott's behavior …show more content…

This perspective can best describe Ramesh’s action of self-actualization which is the ultimate psychological needs after the fulfillment of his basic and physical need of self-esteem. Ramesh, therefore plans to start a cricket club and become a coach which he believes would help him to reach his full potential by passing on the knowledge and experience he has obtained to the children of his community. The other perspective that best describe Ramesh is social-cultural perspective describes the awareness of circumstances surrounding individuals and how their behaviors are effected specifically by their surroundings based on social and cultural factors. Ramesh comes from a background where it is a custom for individual to be involve in sporting activities as it was taught to be a way of conditioning the mind and promoting a healthy

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