The Theory Of Authentic Leadership Essay

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How people interact with others leans toward three styles of attachment: secure, insecure-ambivalent and insecure-avoidant. The researchers argue that people who are securely attached are most likely to exhibit authentic leadership. Their research reviews how secure attachment is positively related to each of the four components of authentic leadership; self-awareness, relationship transparency, balanced processing and internalized moral perspective (Hinojosa, Davis McCauley, Randolph-Seng, & Gardner, 2014).
John Bowlby, the founder of attachment theory argues that human beings of all ages are happiest and able to deploy their talents to their best advantage when they are confident that standing behind them are one or more trusted people who will come to their aid should difficulties arise. This is truly whether it’s a toddler learning to walk away from a parent or that same toddler grown into an adult learning a new on-the-job skill. An important aspect of authentic leadership is in a leader supporting followers to strive for and achieve their own authenticity. The theory argues that by positive modeling they are able to create authentic leader-follower relationships (Hinojosa, Davis McCauley, Randolph-Seng, & Gardner, 2014). It’s important to remember though that while the child’s attachment to a parent sets an important path for an attachment working model, the model is not necessarily deterministic and is open to change across and within different relationships

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