The Theory Of Human Caring And The Adult Learning Theory Essay

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The philosophy and science of the Theory of Human Caring and the Adult Learning Theory will guide the development of this project (the education of caregiver in recognition of depression in elderly relatives). Both theories have historically provided robust frameworks that are learnedly in line with global approaches to community health and health promotion program development. Theory of Human Caring/Science of Caring The Theory of Human Caring/Science of Caring is the work of Jean Watson and focuses both on the human and nursing paradigm. The theory is comprised of ten carative factor [the first three interdepend factors serve as the philosophical foundation for the science of caring have a dynamic component relative to the individuals in the relationship encompassed by nursing (Tomey and Alligood, 2006, p. 96); 1. Formation of a humanistic-altruistic system of values: Humanistic and altruistic values are learned early in life but can be influenced greatly by nurse education. 2. Instillation of faith-hope: this factor incorporating humanistic and altruistic values, facilitates the promotion of holistic nursing care and positive health the within the patient population. 3. Cultivation of sensitivity to self and to others: the recognition of feelings leads to self-actualization the self-acceptance for both the nurse and the patient . 4. Development of helping trusting relationships: the development of a helping trusting relationship between the nurse and patient is
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