The Theory Of Social Life

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Theory Paper Throughout my social life I’ve had many different experiences with different races and ethnicities that relate to the ethnic-related theories. I feel as if most of my encounters follow the assimilation perspective. I know specific events and encounters but, it’s easy to just observe these things happening in your surroundings. The pluralist theory is pretty much the complete opposite of the assimilation theory. In this theory the certain group doesn’t conform to society but, they celebrate their ethnic traditions. They are not ashamed of their culture; they are proud and want to display their enthusiasm about it. The last theory are the power and stratification theories. These are more of a structural problem that affects the whole ethnic group but; I know certain people that have to go through these struggles. My social life consists with different events that coordinate with some of the ethnic-related theories. I wouldn’t call the slice of my social life terribly diverse, but I have been exposed to different races and ethnicities. I come from a quaint little town in the suburbs of Cleveland called Painesville. The demographics of the city part of this township area is almost evenly split between Hispanics and Caucasians with a higher percent of people belonging in these race groups, while African Americans come in next then carried out with different races and ethnicities to fill out the makeup of the township. My school was still more a prominently white
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