The Theory X And Theory Y

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Douglas McGregor, a social psychologist in the 1960’s, developed two theories for workplace employees (Theory X and Theory Y, 1996-2016). Theory X describes employees as unmotivated, irresponsible, they need to be controlled, and they dislike working. Theory Y describes employees as responsible, enthusiastic, motivated, and imaginative. As an employee, not in a Management position, I can say I appreciate a manager who follows the Theory Y description. Since I feel that way as an employee, I will strive to be that type of Manager. I will participate, guide, lead, and motivate my employees to want to do a good job, and truly love what they do every day. I do believe that there are many employees in the workforce who do not like to work. When I come across someone with these characteristics, it will be my job to change their views. A low dose of responsibility will most likely motivate people to do better. Unfortunately, there are still many people who have the pessimistic view on life, and nothing will change their ways. Participating and interacting with employees on a day to day basis shows your interest in their role. I can understand how applying Theory Y in large organizations may be difficult, but with the right management in place, each department can be managed with Theory Y roles. I believe many companies give up on the chance to give their employees the responsibility because it is easier to control and direct without consideration or involvement from the

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