The Threat of Human Cloning Essay

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The human genome is constructed of four simple chromosomes, each of which is represented by a single capital letter; G, A, C, and T. These simple chemicals are the building blocks of life, and act as the blueprints for one of the most complicated biological structures in the known universe; the human. Strands of these chromosomes billions of letters long provide a uniqueness that guarantees individuality in a swiftly growing world. Is not individuality after all one of the most highly acclaimed American ideals? Does it not compose the backbone of freedom, our country’s founding doctrine? It most assuredly does, and individuality therefore, is one of the most integral parts of human society. The importance of this ideal dictates that …show more content…

Cloning cannot be tolerated in society anywhere, not because of the ramifications on the individual countries and their cultures, but more importantly because of the mental state that a clone would inevitably have to cope with. The ability to clone humans is in essence the ability to steal a piece of someone’s individuality, which we have already closely associated as being a prime evil. The ancient philosopher Rene’ Descartes stated “That in order to understand the passions of the soul its functions must be distinguished from those of the body” (Hallman, 40). That is, the soul and body must have distinctions, and this I agree with for the sake of understanding the mechanics and interactions of the two. However after this has been established the line must be drawn.
George Johnson, believes that each person, whether they be a clone or not, should understandably have his own soul created by the composition of previous thoughts and experiences (Nussbaum, Sunstein 69). The example we are provided with references the unique nature of twins. According to this reasoning, twins grow up together, composed of the same genetic makeup, but because of personal experiences result in different persons (69). If this truly is the case then cloning does not accomplish what it is intended for in the first place. Likewise he argues, clones who share exact genome matches will also become different people as a

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