The Threats Of South Korean Interests Essay

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What are the greatest threats to South Korea in the early 21st century, and how can they be addressed? This paper aims to address such questions through identifying the three main threats to South Korean interests, proposing solutions to protect those interests, and evaluating the effect of those solutions on the other identified interests and threats. The state 's main interests lie within bolstering its education system, reforming the economy, and establishing greater military capabilities. Each interest has its own corresponding threat: widespread decline in personal health from performing under the current educational system paired with associated social stress, competing with economic powerhouses in the region, and increased regional aggression. For contextual purposes, this paper will be organized into five main sections. The first section will present relevant historical context for South Korea. The following section will cover the interest/threat pairs, with subsections for each pair. The third section will more closely examine national security as the interest of greatest importance and propose a solution to address the regional threat to South Korea 's stability. The fourth section will evaluate the effects of the proposed solution on the other interests to suggest protocol to prevent negative effects, followed by a section for final conclusions.
Historical Background
South Korea, formally known as the Republic of Korea or ROK, has become a competitive global

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