The United States Government ( Usg ) And Department Of Defense

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East Asia continues to present a broad spectrum of opportunities and challenges to the United States, our allies, and partners. The United States Government (USG) and Department of Defense (DoD) continues to work closely with its allies and partners to build relationships and capacity vital to advancing U.S. national interests of security, prosperity, international order, and the promotion of universal values. The most profound and alarming trend within the East Asia region over the past several years is the increasing belligerence and defiance of the Kim Jung-un regime of North Korea. The United States regards the coercive activities by North Korea, in particular its pursuit of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and ballistic missile capabilities, to comprise the most urgent security threat in the region. The USG is fully committed to maintaining peace throughout the Korean Peninsula by effectively working with our allies and other regional states to deter and defend against North Korean military provocations, weapons proliferation, and illicit trafficking; and to support enforcement of international sanctions restricting North Korean arms trade and other prohibited activities.
In order to protect and advance U.S. national interests, while operating within the increasingly volatile environment on the Korean Peninsula, the United States must remain vigilant in deterring activities by the Kim Jung-un regime that threaten U.S. interests. Additionally, the DoD must remain

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