The Three Characteristics Of Order And Architecture In Ancient Greece

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In general, 'Order' is divided into three parts: the capital, the column, and the base. Each 'Order' does not only have its special form and decoration, column diameter also is the standard dimension that to form the proportion of column height and pillar even the size of the whole building. It is easily identified by means of the proportions and profiles and different aesthetic details as well.
Greece like to use Order even they know Arches because the technique is easy and the space is comfortable to suit the human regular activities. Moreover, Greece people make the Order perfect and criterion that can't change or edit so still look good and beautiful even ‘copy and paste’ in different building. Although Roman use the Arches to build the large building, it didn't eliminate the Order. In addition, it continues to be widely used in architecture today …show more content…

The column has 24 grooves and specific entablature which is curved tapering in the column shaft. The entablature is the part of the roof that leans on top of the column and composed of the architrave, frieze and cornice. It is unlike the Doric Order that the Ionic column is erected on a base that separating the column to the platform of the building. In chapter four of” Ten Books on Architecture” told that ‘when they desired to construct a temple to Diana in a new style of beauty, they translated these footprints into terms characteristic of the slenderness of women, and thus first made a column the thickness of which was only one eighth of its height, so that it might have a taller look. At the foot they substituted the base in place of a shoe; in the capital they placed the volutes, hanging down at the right and left like curly ringlets, and ornamented its front with cymatia and with festoons of fruit arranged in place of hair, while they brought the flutes down the whole shaft, falling like the folds in the robes worn by

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