The Three Domains Of Life

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Part A.) List the THREE domains of life. For each domain, include the following: 3 characteristics of the domain and 3 examples of organisms belonging to each domain. The three domains of life are classified as: Eukarya 1) Organisms with eukaryotic cells that include protists, kingdom Plantae, kingdom Fungi, and kingdom Animalia. 2) Protists are mostly single-celled organisms. 3) Kingdom Plantae is represented by plants, which are able to produce their own food. Example: an avocado tree. Kingdom Fungi, is represented by organisms that absorb water and nutrients by decomposing the remains of dead organisms and organic wastes. Example: mushrooms. Kingdom Animalia is represented by animals, which get their food by eating other animals. …show more content…

The image is composed of light and dark areas, however, the image can be colorized to emphasize features. It requires that the column must be a vacuum, and that the specimen must be cut very thin. For these reasons, it is not used study living organism. As a disadvantage, some structures called artifact, can be seen but they are not present in natural specimens. 3. Scanning Electron Microscope-(SEM) it is a type of electron microscope that also uses a magnetic fields within a vacuum tube to manipulate a beam of electrons. The surface of the specimen need to be coated with a metal such as platinum or gold. It is used to observe the surface details of microbes and cellular structures, and this can be a disadvantage since it does not magnify the internal structures of the specimen. It can magnify up to 10,000x with a resolution about 20nm. The resulting image is in 3D and can be enhance with color. 4. Gram staining-it is a technique used to differentiate between Gram-positive cells, which stain purple, and Gram-negative cells, which stain pink. The physical and chemical structures of these cells are different, allowing them to be identified by the used of different dyes. The first step is to color all the cells of the smear by using the basic dye crystal violet for 1 minute. Then iodine is used to bind the dye and make it less soluble, after it is rinse all cell remain

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