The Three Most Important Values In The Modern World

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For thousands of years, we have created many complex, simple, and unique ways of teaching ourselves right from wrong or setting a precedent for subsequent generations to follow. When you think of virtues, philosophers like Confucius or Aristotle might come to mind. However, virtues don’t require to be simple like honesty and patience, but they can be standards like acceptance, empathy, or even using decent manners. However, times and culture evolve, so consequently so do the virtues we practice. Nowadays it may be rare to see people say please, but not uncommon to interrupt another individual. It is irrefutable that we are at a crossroads between virtues, and pop-culture, which makes it equally important to practice virtues to keep them alive in our modern world. By definition, a virtue is the moral excellency of a person, such as patience or honesty, but it can also be up to your own discretion. But the three most important virtues to me are, honesty, patience, and discipline.
Why is honesty important? It might seem like a foolish question but you must look at it on a deeper level. First of all, honesty could be considered one of the foundations of our society, and how we have structured it over the millennia. This is why honesty is one of my core virtues. Without honesty, one cannot hold himself, or others accountable, which can cause their lives to, consequently become much harder. A great quote about honesty originates from Thomas Jefferson, who states, “Honesty is the

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