The Time Machine Essay

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The Time Machine

A glimpse of the future of the human race.

What if it were possible to travel through time? Would you go forward or backward in time? Would your aim be monetary gain or enhanced knowledge or something completely different? The possibilities are endless. The Time Machine is a story of a time traveler and his experience with time travel. The story was first published in 1895 by H.G. Wells. This is a great story because of the fascinating ideas it presents and the way the author has you asking yourself ‘what if?’.

The first idea presented in the story is that of a fourth dimension. I wasn’t exactly sure what the fourth dimension was because it is not something that is dealt with a whole lot in every day
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There are really four dimensions, three which we call the three planes of space, and a fourth, Time.”(1-2) To think of time as something more than just the movement of hands on a clock is fascinating. We are taught in school that everything is three dimensional but never realize that everything real must also have duration. This explanation of time and a fourth dimension really got me into the story and made me think “what if?”.

On a side note, I ran across an interesting bit of history as I was researching for this essay. The story mentions a Professor Simon Newcomb in conjunction with the explanation on time as the fourth dimension. The time traveler mentions Professor
Simon Newcomb giving a speech to the New York Mathematical Society only a month prior on the idea that the fourth dimension was not time but an actual fourth measurement of space. According to Professor Newcomb’s theory, if you had a fourth dimension of space, there is room for an indefinite number of universes, all along side of each other, as there is for an indefinite number of sheets of paper when they are piled one upon each other. I found in a speech written by Stephen Baxter and presented at Imperial College on February 4, 1996, that Professor Simon Newcomb actually did give this speech in December of 1893 to the New York Mathematical Society. H.G. Wells had read this speech as he was writing this novel and used this other

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