The Tobacco Industry: Profiting From Death

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The tobacco industry in America is one that every person is affected by. In the past year over 3,000 people died from second-hand smoke related deaths (Above the Even non-smokers are heavily affected by this moneymaking industry. The real question though, is how is a product that kills justified in the market? This product is not only addictive, but also highly threatening to the lives of its users. The majority of users do not realize it, but in reality they are paying for their own funeral. Tobacco and cigarette companies continue to feed lies to the public through their marketing strategies and product makeup. Hidden documents containing information on the toxicity and pharmacological properties of nicotine…show more content…
The surgeon general warnings on a pack of cigarettes expose many of the astonishing effects of smoking. With the massive amount of knowledge and warnings publicized, why has a significant impact not been made on the lives of smokers? In the past year over 440,000 people died from smoking cigarettes, in which the majority were people that began smoking before they were 18 years old (Above the The clear scientific fact that the tobacco industry targets adolescents is an epidemic that needs to be stopped. An experiment was taken with a base consisting of people under the age of 18 that had never smoked a cigarette. The study showed that after several years, the majority of the original people reported that they either had tried a cigarette, or would have if it was presented to them (Pierce). The experiment proved the targeting of adolescents by cigarette and tobacco companies. Living on a college campus of over 25,000 students, it is clear that the tobacco industry affects us all. Whether it is an addiction to cigarettes, the use of other tobacco products, or second hand smoke that we are forced to inhale, we are all influenced and subjected to the tobacco industry’s harms. We all see the cigarette butts covering campus, people walking to class with a cigarette in their hand, or even a hookah being smoked outside on the benches. It is evident that the tobacco industry has reached many when it comes to college campuses. It has become clear that the
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