The Tort And The Civil Wrong

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The term tort refers to a civil wrong. The phase tort is Norman French and means wrong. In Anglo Saxon times tort was established with punishments, for example individuals from clans had to pay for the civil wrong they executed. During the Norman Conquest there was no contrast between civil wrongs or general crimes carried out. After the Norman Conquest kings and courts were very influential and punishments would be decided by them. If any fines of punishment were held the money would go to the king or the relevant court. After this period any civil wrong that was executed was either known as a trespass or a tort. Felonies were known as major acts against the law. Writs were legal written orders and by the thirteenth century became essential for the guidelines of retribution. There are many elements within tort; the main aspect is what act and what damage has been committed and not the reason why an individual committed an act. The theory of tort has developed and evolved during the years. The law today ensures victims of tort with remedies. Tort can be dealt with in civil courts, county courts or High courts. It depends mainly on the level of seriousness of a case.
Within tort there is the area of negligence which has many different elements. It can analyse the state of mind of an individual committing a crime aswell as the harm caused which could include harm done unintentionally. The approach of tort negligence is related to an individual being harmed through an act of

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