The Tortilla Curtain By. Boyle

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The Tortilla Curtain by T.C. Boyle is a novel that is praised with high regards, and by evaluating the text by means of a rhetorical analysis, we as readers can fully appreciate the deeper meanings that Boyle is trying to convey throughout the book. Through the use of language, Boyle is able to communicate and interact with his readers by evoking responses to the given text that is being presented. We begin to ask questions such as what is the situation, purpose, target audience, and what claims are being made? Also, what appeals or strategies does the author use to establish his credibility? These are all legitimate questions that because of
Boyle’s strength as a writer, have credible answers. Therefore, the text that Boyle
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The purpose as to why Boyle writes is to address that the U.S. is a country that is comprised of immigrants from throughout the world, and Boyle makes it clear that Mexican
Immigrants are no exception, despite the misinterpretations that the white middle-class are led to believe. Boyle makes use of this statement by using the character of Delaney Mossbacher, another white middle-classmen from the novel, to project what he is trying to convey to the reader. Delaney argues to Jack that the U.S. is a country of immigrants, that they are the very heart and soul of the nation and that not one person, including Jack, would be here if that was not the case (Boyle 101). Despite his status as a white middle-classmen like Jack, Delaney knows the reality of the situation regarding immigrants in the U.S., and Boyle uses this character to convey that message to us, the audience, to fully understand the significance of this information.
Therefore, Boyle’s target demographic consist of people who are eager to learn about the realties from both opposing sides: immigrants striving to achieve the American Dream and the white middle-class feeling threatened and reacting in numerous ways. Analyzing the predicaments that both immigrants and the white middle-class confront is valuable information to know, and Boyle succeeds in doing so by capturing an audience of people who are
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