The Torture of No Technology For 24 Hours

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I laid on the floor, not really sure what to do with myself. I had wandered from my bed down to the ground, trying to avoid the stare of my laptop. My fingers dug into the carpet. The sleek electronic beckoned me torturously, and my fingers itched to open it. The ground seemed like a safer place, one where I could avoid everything and just be. Of course, the longer I laid there, the louder the silence seemed to become. I couldn’t hear anything, not the whirring of my laptop nor the notifications of my phone; it was absolutely silent. With a huff, I rose to my feet and glared at my computer. It seemed that I had lost the battle, and I winced guiltily as I lifted the screen open. I guess I just wasn’t strong enough to withstand the pull of technology.
It all started with an English assignment—to go without the use of technology for twenty-four hours. Mondays were bleak but today would be worse, I knew. Class to class, subject to subject, I drifted through school. Sitting through my classes, the challenge seemed easy—was the assignment really that hard?
The need to use technology hit me the second I stepped into my house. My fingers instinctively crawled towards the TV remote, before I snatched my hand back. Staring at the black LCD screen, I suddenly realized—this would not be so easy after all. Begrudgingly, my hands slipped over my old Panasonic radio, flipping the on-button. Immediately, static blasted through the speakers, blaring through the house. Half-heartedly

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