The Town Of The Sponge Docks : A Lively Neighborhood Of Diversity, Culture, And A Story Unto

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Sometimes it appears some of the most fascinating places are hidden away. These venues are not advertised, they are not on big flashing billboard signs. These hidden treasures are only known because the public happens to stumble upon them, or the location is spread by word of mouth. This little adventure is going to tell a tale of the historical district of the Sponge Docks. A lively neighborhood of diversity, culture, and a story unto it its own.
The Sponge Docks ae located in the historical city of Tarpon Springs. Upon entrance of the docks an immediate feeling of the beat of this little vibrant community can be felt. Enthusiastic vendors are heard from around the corner promoting their local businesses. They promote with such enthusiasm that a crowd will dram outside of the stores. These shops are primarily owned by individuals of Greek heritage. Therefore, Sponge Docks are commonly referred to as “Little Greek Town”. It was during the 1820’s that sponges were discovered by Greek immigrant fisherman, whom were fishing for turtles, nut the sponges became tangled in their nets. (Nessler 2016)
The docks produce the robust smell of sea water, and some of the original boats, used for sponge collecting, have been restored and placed on display. Additionally, local fisherman, who still work these boats, can be seen unloading the day’s harvest from the day. These sponges are then taken for inspection of quality, then further processed for consumer distribution. Consequently,
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