The Toys And Their Effects On The Family 's Financial Status

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“Mommy? Daddy? Can I have this? Can I have that? Will you buy me this?” From the dawn of time, obnoxious, needy questions such as these has annoyed the ears of all parents, when thus the parent replies with various reasons why the child truly does not need the toy they are begging for. The child may receive the toy if the family’s financial status allows them to spend their hard-earned cash on frivolous items or maybe just to placate the tiny, spoiled brat. Or, sometimes the toy in question stays an unattainable mystery. Either way, children want things and desire new and better toys every single day. As Steve McKevitt said in “Everything Now,” “wants… are emotional, ephemeral and ever-changing” (145). If someone from the 1990s or earlier …show more content…

The advancement of technology has really changed the game of America’s imagination and creativity. People no longer have to invent their own stories because games on iPods and Xbox and other handheld devices do it themselves. Why should a child use their own brain-power to make up their own stories when they could instead just turn on their game? Press the glowing power button, follow the instructions of the game, mindlessly and numbingly staring at a high-definition LCD screen. Toys were previously powered by imagination and now are powered by batteries, and this reflects upon America’s society and culture. The change in toys shows how society’s drive has become more focused on how something can entertain us, rather than how we can use our imagination to entertain ourselves. McKevitt mentions that “people do not buy technology, what they buy is functionality” (144). The more functions and various ways of entertainment a toy can achieve, the more likely it is to be bought. Our technological culture is also represented in the evolution of toys. We are surrounded by technology, placing technology everywhere from our kitchen appliances to the toys that are literally in our children’s hands. Ten years ago, that would have been diabolical. “Go outside and play” has turned into “sit down and play your game,” which brings me to my next point: the decreased need of physical movement in the use of

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