The Tragedy Of Teenage Drinking

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Teenagers drinking alcohol? Yes – recently,, a high percentage of teenagers have been drinkinghave drunk alcoholalcohol in recent times. Commonly there areis crimes where there was stabbing, murder, etc. A huge amount of these crimes happen from drug and alcohol usage. An example of this would be the tragedy of Cole Miller, who was tragically punched on the way home from a night out in Brisbane’s fortitude valley. He was rushed to the Royal Brisbane Hospital where he died after his life support was turned off. This was caused due to drinking too much alcohol;, this is what alcohol can do to people. This tragedy happened because the offenders were drinking so much alcohol that they couldn't control their actions, therefore targeting and punching an innocent teenager in the face.

The Australian Institute of Criminology state that 66% of offenders tested by police have at least had either 1 drug or serving of alcohol (Australian Institute of Criminology 2012). As well as crimes, alcohol to the younger brain is very dangerous., Uunderage drinking is one of the leading health problems in today’s society (The national Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 2016). …show more content…

This wouldn't necessarily stop teen drinking completely; however, this will limit the amount of teens drinking alcohol because 23% of teenagers consume alcohol frequently is too many people. Using advertising will teach teenagers that drinking is not a smart idea. Some of the ads would be graphic but not all this is because of younger children. Once teenagers really saw what the consequences of underage drinking was, they wouldn't dare to drink alcohol because the fear of death is the second most feared thing to humans. Why would teenagers want to drink alcohol if there was an increased chance of cancer, heart disease and alcohol poisoning, which all of those can lead to

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