The Tragic Tragedy Of Mary Shelley 's ' The Tragedy '

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In the tragedy Frankenstein, one of the main characters constantly battles with life and his surroundings to feel, and be accepted as human. Hope plays a significant role in the story, as the Monster is constantly struggling to find hope, and ultimately his place and sense of belonging. Shelly uses the DeLacey family to symbolize love, hope, and care; which she implies as the fundamental qualities in the human experience. The Monster tries to utilize these traits as a bridge to feel human, but ultimately fails because of his horrid appearance.
Shelly establishes that the DeLacey family symbolizes hope, and ultimately set the stage for the Monster to feel human. The names of the children all have their own significance that pertains to optimism. Felix in Latin means happy, Safie in Arabic means pure, and Agatha in Greek means wisdom. These three kids represent the good aspects of humanity. When the Monster initially observes them, he claims, “nothing could exceed the love and respect” (Frankenstein II.iv.76). Shelley contrasts the feelings of love and humanity between the Monster and the DeLacey family.
The Monster understands empathy and humanity. He is sympathetic for the DeLacey family, especially when he recognizes that they are poor. He sees the kids giving the old blind man good several times from their plate to his, when it is already so scarce. He states,
This trait of kindness moved me sensibly. I had been accustomed, during the night, to steal a part of their store

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