Essay on The Training and Job Information on Carpenters

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Ever wonder who had built your home? Carpenters did. They build many different kinds of things, from door frames to houses. You have to complete high school, and then get some training in order to become one. The carpenters in Alaska get a higher pay than those in the lower 48, which is nice. Carpenters do many types of things, like cutting lumber and installing insulation. Being a carpenter is very important because they build the homes of Americans.

Training and Education
In order to become a carpenter, you have to finish school. The minimum requirement is a high school diploma. After that, you can get an apprenticeship. An apprenticeship is when you work on-the-job with experienced workers. You learn the basics of …show more content…

Carpenters have many tasks, and it is important that they carry them out.

Skills Many different types of skills are required to be a carpenter. In order to be a successful worker, they have to have good math problems. Most of the time, workers have to cut and shape materials to fit in perfectly, which requires math. Another important part is that they have to make them quick. If a person is slow, then everybody else can be waiting for them. That would slow the process down, and they may get laid off to get more training. Manual dexterity is a very significant part of carpentry. People have to have good eye-hand coordination. If someone is too clumsy, they can possibly injure someone. They have to be able to handle high-powered tools and machines. Another thing a person needs is good stamina. Most of the time, workers have to lift heavy equipment and materials. Being strong will keep one from getting an injury. Having good problem solving-skills is important too. Sometimes, plans change. They will need to figure out how to solve problems, and modify building plans. A big thing that carpenters need to know about is raw materials and the costs and delivery of them. Knowing these can make big difference in expenses when working on a project. One thing carpenters are always working with: tools. There are many different types of tools. In order to be a carpenter is that you need to know about the different types of tools

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