The Transatlantic Slave Trade During The 19th Century

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The Transatlantic Slave Trade took place through the fifth teen century to the nineteen century in the Atlantic Ocean between American, Europe and Africa. The Trade blossomed dur due to the expansion of sugar production increasing the labor supplied need , which caused a the higher demand for slaves. The expansion of sugar created organized business of seizing and selling slaves. But the transatlantic slave trade did not begin the capturing of Africans, European were capturing slave long before the slave traffic developed. The Portuguese were the first European that started to explore western Africa. When returning to Portugal they took 12 Africans as a gift back home to their king, this was one of the earliest experience of European …show more content…

Both argument offer valid point and the answer is a combination of both of them. The Slave Trade was organized business that legitimized the kidnapping of Africans. How did European capture Africans? When the slave trade first started white slave traders went on kidnapping raids. This proved too dangerous for the Europeans since they had no knowledge of the African landscape but also because of African resistance. Africans resisted the transatlantic slave trade as soon as it began and as the slave trade expanded so did resistance. European and African where divided and had deep mistrust in one another. Their became an increasing need for weapon like shackles, guns, and whips to control the slaves all the way to the Americas. As one slave trader remarked: “For the security and safekeeping of the slaves on board or on shore in the African barracoons, chains, leg irons, handcuffs, and strong houses are used” ( Abolition, 2017). A Barrfaccons was an enclosure in which black slaves were confined for a limited period. In Saint-Louis and Gorée, James , and Bance, the Europeans ' barracoons were located on islands, which made escapes and attacks more difficult. The heavily armed barracoons reflected Europeans ' distrust and apprehension towards the Africans ( issui, 2017). They had to protect themselves, as Jean-Baptiste Durand of the Compagnie du Sénégal explained, "from the foreign vessels and from the Negroes living in the country." But this precautious were

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