The Transition Of Crawling Out Of The High School Black Hole

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Pa Yia Thao
Instructor Bodelson
Written Communication
June 11, 2015
The Transition of Crawling Out of the High School Black Hole to a Challenging College Bliss High School was boring! High School was dreadful! The ring of the alarm clock at 6:00 am in the morning was miserable. I wanted to get out as soon as possible because no one understands how hard my life was. When the teacher assigned too much homework for the night, my classmates and I let out huge “awwwgghh” sounds. Then comes the excuses, stories, and busy schedules of students. Upon graduating, I thought, “Yes, I am finally out of this black hole!” However, thinking that high school and college are the same, affected me greatly and made me stumble on my path. In today’s modern
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The students also have the privilege of make-up quiz and tests without providing excused or unexcused reasons. As for college students, they can choose to attend class or not, often with no evident penalties from the professor. Some professors do take attendance, and some also have a strict attendance policy. The consequence of missing a class in high school is not a big deal but missing a class in college is. Missing one day of class can mean missing in-class activities, a quiz, notes, or important discussion materials that could possibly be on the test. In addition to that, missing a class means missing the chance to meet new people and make new friends. Thus, attending classes regularly is important to being successful in college. Second, the dedication to classes in college is definitely different from high school classes. Assignments in high school are viewed as chores; a negative chore. It is a hindrance to high school students when deciding whether to do the homework or watch their favorite TV shows. However, it is up to the students to turn it in on time or have the teachers remind them to turn it in at a later date for possible points. Also, depending on the attitude of the student, he or she can choose to study outside of class or none at all. Most students often do last-minute test preparation. Also, students rarely need to read anything more than once to remember the materials presented. On
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