The Treasure That Could Change The World

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Stuck in Space
Going to space may be an adventure and claiming a treasure can be more fun; but getting stuck in space can be another thing. We were all after the same treasure – a device that can basically do anything you want it to. Scientist Bob, Dr. Kersey, Dr. Emily, and Dr. Brianna decided to help me in finding the treasure that could change the world. In our little laboratory in Louisiana, we were finding a way to travel to space with the little equipment we have left from the unfortunate war we had with the French. The land was now burden, with only a few buildings left, and many fires still burning from the bombings and robots they sent.
Dr. Emily was sick and tired of everyone complaining that they don’t have everything they want. But, the inconvenient thing was that the treasure was located not on Earth, but on a meteorite revolving Earth. We decided to build a spaceship that would fit all of us, and would have the right materials and equipment we needed. It took us three years, but we finally finished. The day was set: we would launch our “Retrieve Sperkly Monitor Mission” in “The Shuttle” on November 5, 2025. As Dr. Emily was guiding the space shuttle to land safely, we were attaching all the equipment we needed to retrieve the Sperkly Monitor. According to the legend that Scientist Bob explained to us, the device was hidden deep inside a cave around the northwest of the meteor. The space shuttle glided to a slow stop. We all got out of the space shuttle as…
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