The Treatment Of The Doctor

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1. The doctor feels that Mathilda was being indifferent towards her own situation. She was lying to her parents about having a sore throat in order to not face its consequences (32). The doctor wanted to “[protect Mathilda] from her own idiocy” (paragraph 31); Since Mathilda would not allowed herself to received help from anyone. The doctor desired to open her eyes and to help her in her situation. On the other hand, the doctor feels that Mathilda’s parents were scare to lose their child. When Mathilda’s father was holding her, he “release [Mathilda]” (22). However, despite the father’s fear of hurting his child, he told the doctor to continue making the throat culture (22). The mother was very nervous and concerned also; she started to “[move] back and forth behind [them]” (22). The doctor believed that Mathilda’s parents were acting as any concerned pair of parents would.
2. The doctor seems to be an honest and caring person. The doctor is honest because he spoke the truth to Mathilda’s parents. When Mathilda’s mother was calling him a nice man, he corrected her by saying that he was only there to check her throat “on the chance that [Mathilda] might have diphtheria”(18) and then die of it. We can see that the doctor did not wanted Mathilda or her parents to believe that he was there for any other reason, other than to check Mathilda’s health problem. The doctor also spoke with certainty and honesty to Mathilda’s parents, which makes him a trustworthy person. Furthermore,

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