The Treaty of Versailles and World War II

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The solution was to create and sign a treaty from each of the Allies, in order ensure world-peace in the future; an intention to avoid any more World Wars or other related disasters. This treaty was signed in Versailles (hence the name came from), and enforced by the leaders of France, Britain, The United States of America and Italy. The big four’s (the world leaders that signed the treaty) names were Woodrow Wilson (from the USA), George Clemenceau (from France), Vittorio Orlando (from Italy), and David Loyd-George (from Britain).

Needless to say, Germany did not get the option to partake in the negotiations or decisions of punishment. Each world leaders each had different terms and opinions on the matter. Woodrow Wilson wanted to establish a lasting peace, and avoid any more future world-wide conflicts. George Clemenceau believed that Germany had to be punished greatly, and gave harsh terms against the country, including reparations to France out of their own money. David Loyd-George agreed with Wilson, although he was negatively received the by the public of Britain for doing this.
The main terms of the Treaty of Versailles went as followed –
• Germany lost ALL overseas colonies.
• Germany’s army limit was 100,000.
• Germany could not have a military air-force.
• Germany lost 10% of its land.

The reactions from most countries were mixed. The United States of…
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