The Triangle Fire Industrial Revolution

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In the early 1900s, America’s mostly rural society was transformed into a urban manufacturing nation. This dramatic metamorphosis caused a deeper chasm between the poor and the rich, but helped form a thriving middle class. American cities overflowed with millions of European immigrants willing to provide cheap labor that was the catalyst for a thriving economy. New York City became the largest industrial powerhouse in the United States because of the garment industry. Due to the availability of affordable factory made items, American culture became preoccupied with the acquisition of goods, and the concept of consumerism was born. Sadly, the poverty stricken population who lived in slums and worked in intolerable conditions suffered tremendously. The book, The Triangle Fire by Jo Ann E. Argersinger tells the true story behind the spark of change of the exploitation of factory workers within America. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, and the key historical events that followed, there were many cultural and political changes in the United States.
In the era of the Industrial Revolution, many key historical events created a butterfly effect of change. As a result of the abysmal living and working conditions of the immigrants, pivotal actions by women reformers and women workers improved the lives of girls working in New York’s garment industry. Due to the invention of the shirtwaist, New York was home to nearly five hundred factories. Many young Jewish and

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