The Tribe Of New Zealand

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The Maoris are an indigenous tribe of people that arrived at New Zealand during the 13th century in canoes. Upon their arrival in New Zealand, The Maori tribe came across a land very different from what they originally had been accustomed to and had to adapt through the years for their tribe to survive. Maori were said to be people with a proud spirit, great navigating skills and sense of history that isolates this tribe from every other.
The Maori people migrated from the islands of East Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean, this voyage was known as the “Great Fleet”. After their settlement in the island, the Polynesian people became the Maori. As the Maori people settled into New Zealand and started forming their own culture and tradition, …show more content…

To the people the natural and supernatural worlds were one. The Maori tribe had many spiritual concepts and have a god for almost anything such as birth, fishing, and the first crops. The rich Maori culture believes in spiritual beings and a supreme supernatural, Io. It is believed that Io only appears to those who have reached a superior level in society, most preferable by the Maori. It is said that each Maori family had spirits and gods, originating from the dead, miscarriages or abortions. Death and funeral rituals play an important role in the Maori culture. In the funeral ritual, the dead body is preserved and kept in marae, a special meeting place. It is said that the body must stay for three days in this special place and never be left alone until the burial day. During the mourning period, relatives of the dead are not allowed to touch food and must be fed by someone in the Maori community. Having them open their mouth and food be tossed inside, shows the tribes sorrow. Another significant part of the Maori culture is the wedding ceremony. The partners for the couples were either hand-picked by the opposite sex or by the chosen tribe elders, of whom women had the right of choosing or tuning down any advances. In the Maori culture, adultery was greatly punishable by stealing goods from the homes of the couple. The Maori culture and beliefs has been shaped by its traditions and heritage for many years.

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