The Triumph Of French Cuisine Over The Culinary Industry

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In today's world it is pretty much assumed that French cuisine is the king of fine dining, and needless to say that it is a true fact. It is known today that the whole culinary industry centre around the widely regarded French cuisine. French cuisine is considered as the epitome of quality food. Even in culinary schools , the first thing that is taught is about the basics of French cooking. Some of the regional cuisines are also influenced in some or the other way by French cuisine. Many culinary terms being derived from French Language itself confirms the Triumph of French Cuisine over the Culinary Industry. French cuisine has went through a lot of ups and downs, but it still is on the pinnacle of its popularity and worldwide acceptance. …show more content…

Even in countries like Vietnam, French Cuisine has left a mark. According to K. J. Saunders (2016), Baguettes, bouillon, coffee, and crepes and not to mention wine, pâté, and haute cuisine are just part of the fabulous French culinary legacy incorporated into Vietnamese cuisine. The French influence is immediately apparent in the daily profusion of freshly-baked baguettes, filled with cheese or pâté. Called banh mi, or literally bread wheat, the baguette is found throughout Vietnam. The French introduced coffee to Vietnam in the early 19th century and it grew well in the south; the Robusta variety gives Vietnamese coffee its distinctive strong and chocolaty consistency. He further states that the French introduced potatoes, carrots, asparagus, artichokes, and onions to Vietnam, and Frogs Legs, Snails, and Crème Caramel are to be found on Vietnamese menus. . The crepe, or pancake, is yet another aspect of the French legacy which the Vietnamese have made their own. Whether deep-fried pancake rolls, known as nem ran, or wrapped with wafer-thin handmade rice wrappers, they are found everywhere. Also as per the observations of M. Pearce (2015), Much of the Vietnamese food that is being enjoyed today has been heavily affected by French colonialism in Indochina, with many of the food habits from this gastronomically renowned nation having stayed within Vietnamese culinary culture. With these influences come …show more content…

L. Garvey (2010), Cuisine is an important aspect of the French culture that has been developing for centuries. It is internationally known and considered by some to be the best in the world. As a result of globalization, the increasingly interconnectedness of the world, la cuisine has been affected both positively and negatively. On one hand, the French are witnessing rapidly increasing obesity rates across the country as they are turning to places like McDonald’s instead of the more refined and truly French options available to them. In addition, wine consumption rates have decreased within the country, while, at the same time, there has been an increase in cases of binge-drinking and underage drinking. However K. Willcox (2009) believes that France is at a crossroads in the kitchen. Wine consumption has plummeted by half since the 1960s, and winemakers in Bordeaux, Beaujolais, and Langueduc are going bankrupt left and right. And while practically all French cheese was made from raw milk 40 years ago, now only 10 percent is. She also believes that As French culture has seeped out of its food, American culture has crept in. About 200,000 cafés flourished in France in 1960, while roughly 41,000 struggle to remain in business

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