The Trojan Horse : The Battle Of The Trojan War

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The Trojan War has taken many great heroes during the ten years of battle, including Hector and Achilles, only to name a few. The Greeks decided to formulate a plan to finally end the fighting. They discovered that the only way to conquer Troy was from within, using the element of surprise. Thanks to Odysseus’ witty mind, the idea for the Trojan Horse was born. He had a skillful worker create a huge, hollow wooden horse, which could hold a number of men. Finally, the night to carry out the plan came. The last day of Troy fell upon them (without the Trojans’ knowledge). The Trojans rejoiced because they thought the Greeks had given up because their camps were empty and silent.
While the Trojans were sleeping and the city was silent, the Greeks snuck out of the giant horse and attacked the untouched walls of Troy from within. They silently set fire to various buildings throughout the city. By the time the residents realized what was happening, Troy was in flames. As the Trojans left their homes one by one, the Greeks struck each man down before he could meet up with any others.
After ten years of nonstop fighting, the battle is over, and the Greeks have won.

In my opinion, our beloved gods and goddesses haven’t contributed positively to the citizens of Greece’s lives in quite a while now. Their jealousy is the reason for so many people’s suffering. The reason the Trojan War even started was a few of the goddess’ couldn’t handle who Paris chose to give the apple to. Hera has

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