The True Reason to Celebrate Christmas Essay

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Christmas has become too commercialized in America. The true purpose of the holiday has been lost; people no longer care Christmas has also been changed to fit secular viewpoints. Enormous amounts of money are spent on gifts and decorations. People have lost sight of the reason we celebrate this winter holiday. Christmas originally was a time to observe the birth of Christ. People from all over would attend Christmas services, certain aspects of the holiday, such as the tree or Christmas colors, would be symbols, and people actually dared to say "Merry Christmas" to their neighbors. The word "holiday" actually came from "holy day," which declared certain days like saints' feasts and Christmas to be dedicated to God. Now, Christmas …show more content…

Letters are sent off to the North Pole, lists are made, and money flies everywhere to find the best presents. The gift from God has been replaced by gifts from the big man in the red suit. Americans spend more money during the winter holiday than any other time of the year. With every passing year, that amount increases. In fact, statistics show that Black Friday retail sales totaled to $52 billion in 2011 and $60 billion in 2012; the average parent will spend up to $500 per child, if not more; decoration and lights sales have totaled to $6 billion. ABC Family has recently started airing a reality series titled The Great Christmas Light Fight; families all over the country compete to see who can set up the biggest display. In a survey, children were asked what Christ as meant to them; in reference to how Christmas is viewed today, one child said, "It's all about how many hours you can spend in a store and how much money you can spend."(Heather)The true reason for Christmas, Jesus, is lost amid the bright lights, bustling feet, and presents. Christmas, a time for remembering what God has given us, is now a time to receive things other people bought for us. It is sadly a time when secularism and political correctness overthrows Christianity. This leads to that little baby being forgotten in the manger instead of praised and loved. Emphasis is instead put on things like

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