Comparing Beauty And The Beast To Cinderella And Snow White

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Victoria Schofield Mrs. Tranel English 4 19 October 2015 The Truth about Fairy Tales “Stories like Cinderella offer a sense of justice and retribution that audiences crave. But some of the tales we know and love have had quite the makeover” (“Five”). From the fairytale Beauty and the Beast to Cinderella and Snow White; Walt Disney cut out the repulsive details of these different fairytales that have been passed from generation to generation, to create child friendly versions. There are many similarities and differences between these original fairy tales and Walt Disney 's versions of these fairytales. One earlier writing of Beauty and the Beast was written by Arthur Rackham. In this version of Beauty and the Beast, the father was a wealthy merchant with three other sons and two other daughters. Beauty loved to read so when her father lost all of his fortune and ships she was not affected like the rest. Beauty’s sisters were horrified that they could no longer buy fancy, expensive things and ended up marrying wealthy gentlemen to get away from their father. Well Beauty moved with her father to a small cottage in the country where they lived peacefully for a while. However, one day the merchant got word that one of his ships had been found. He immediately set out on a journey to meet it but once he found the ship things did not go as expected and he returned to the cottage just as poor as before. This time there was a heavy snowstorm and the merchant got lost in the fog,

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