The Tv Show How I Met Your Mother Essay

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In the TV show “How I Met Your Mother,” Robin Scherbatsky is a 30-year-old woman that does not portray the typical lady on most situational comedies. Being strong headed and loud mouthed, Robin is continuously breaking gender roles by working her way up the business world, not wanting to be a mom, and definitely not being weak or fragile. However, the problem in society is that most women aren’t as bold as Robin. Most women don’t have the job security or ability to be audacious to stand up to their boss or even just saying a powerful statement. Society is faced with a question of can women be as successful as men in the workplace? Women are unable to thrive in the workplace because they’re expected by society to be submissive and servile. Society is changing how women are raised, and not for the better. People often genderize babies from the moment they are born. Right from birth, hospitals make it a point to identify the gender of a baby by wrapping the newborn in either a blue blanket for a boy or a pink blanket for a girl. This is because society assumes that just because someone is female, they would like the color pink. Society is pushing parents to identify children based on gender early on, which also is the beginning of how gender roles from. For example in the article “Learning to be Gendered,” Penelope Eckert looks at the role that the gender of a baby has on the parents and how the parents in return treat the child differently. In an experiment conducted in the

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