The Two Natures of Jesus

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The Two Natures of Jesus
Angelia Pillow
Bethel University
This paper is a discussion of the dual natures of Jesus Christ. This human nature did not take away from his divine nature; they were together in one person, Jesus Christ
The Two Natures of Jesus
The Chalcedonean Creed states the following: That Jesus has two natures; he is God and man. Each nature is full and complete; he is fully God and fully man. Each nature remains distinct. Christ is only one person. Things that are true of only one nature are nonetheless true of the Person of Christ. To prove the duality of Jesus Christ would not be a simple task. It would be something that would take years just to come up with enough evidence just to prove whatever
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Jesus Christ is the example by which all human beings should try to live by. The fact that he was able to turn from the temptations that surrounded him is proof that any human being could also turn from them and live life as God would like us to live.
According to St. Anselm of Canterbury the sin of Adam and Eve had offended and infinite God and that infinite reparation had to be made in order to correct that offense. Yet only God can make infinite reparation. Human beings could only make reparation for human offenses. In order for justice to be serviced and the scales balanced God had to become human. God did this through Jesus Christ; who was able to make infinite reparation and yet still represent humanity because of his human nature (Helminak). We can find many places within the Bible that shows us Jesus’ humanity. He had a body and because of this he was thirsty (Mt 25:35), hungry (Mt 4:2), weary (Jn 4:6), and he died (Jn 19: 30-34). He had emotions just like all human beings; he wept (Lk. 19:41), he showed compassion (Mk. 6:34), he experienced righteous anger (Mk 3:5), was frustrated (Mt. 17:17), and was troubled in the spirit (Mt. 26:37). Those who saw him saw a man, a human being just like themselves: in Mark 6:3 it states, “It’s just Jesus, no one special”. Finally like all human beings Jesus was tempted (Mt. 4:1-11). Through the works of Jesus we can see
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