The Tyranny Of White Majority Essay

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The United States, even though considered the land of freedom, has been struggling with lingering racism and discrimination throughout the 19th and 20th century. Democratic reform throughout the century were implanted to eliminate the “tyranny of the white majority” Yet many scholars like Tocqueville, Fredrick Harris and WEB DuBois have challenged these results. The reality is that the tyranny of white majority has continued throughout the 18th to the 21st century resulting in a society that has suppressed and constantly failed to integrate African American into the white society by neglecting the race, using natural prejudice, race neutral policies, and laws that benefited whites more than African Americans.
Even before the 13th amendment and emancipation of slaves, small reforms in the northern states were being implemented to create a true free society. One would argue that these reforms were the first steps of a liberal reform that would lead to the eventual equality amongst the two races but what is forgotten is that even though reforms were passed the white majority had a natural prejudice. Tocqueville explains what makes the natural prejudice was the disgrace the African American ethnicity received by being forced as slaves. This slavery was based on race rather than being like ancient slavery which had nothing to do the face of a person (PG 400). The African Americans who were considered free during the that were still disgraced because as Tocqueville said free

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