The Uk Health Care System Guidelines And Policies

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Various organizations exist worldwide that produce different guidelines and policies. In the UK these guidelines are evidence-based guidance and recommendations (Lowson et el.,2015) .same principle is applied for policies. In this essay, we are comparing the UK health care system guidelines and policies with that in Iraq where some guidelines and policies exist, and we are going to describe how these differences are basically on two different extremes.
Healthcare in the UK is provided by the National Health Service NHS. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) was established for developing national guidelines related to, health promotion, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases through the NHS …show more content…

Monitoring of guidelines implementation in Iraq could significantly improve the health potential.
NHS have published documents for implementation of NICE such as that published by “South Staffordshire and Shropshire health care NHS” which are for implementation procedure (NICE implementation SOP, 2016). Many factors are known to influence successful implementation of guidance, it is often driven by enthusiastic clinicians, but they are unlikely to achieve a forward leap without being supported by organizations. Monitoring of implementation, however, is not NICE responsibility, in fact, it is carried out by the Healthcare Commission and individual organizations (Chidgey, Leng, Lacey .207).A study conducted by Coleman & Nicholl (2001) about Influence of evidence-based guidance on health policy and clinical practice in England, revealed that guidelines were part of the decision making for public health specialists and commissioners than those of consultants or general practitioners.
There are many NHS Guidelines and policies as for drug prescription and interventions. For example, MTX policy published by Portsmouth hospital NHS Trust, such policy was crucial for such a drug regarding the fact that it is immunosuppressant and if care was not taken during drug dispensing, it would expose the patient to overdose risk (PHT Methotrexate policy, 2014). Unfortunately, such MTX

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