The Ultimate Fulfillment in Man's Fate by Andre Malraux Essay

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The Ultimate Fulfillment in Man's Fate

In Man's Fate, Andre Malraux examines the compelling forces that lead individuals to join a greater cause. Forced into a life of contempt, Ch'en portrays the man of action in the early phases of the Chinese Revolution. He dedicates himself to the communist cause. It is something greater than himself, a phenomenal concept that he has fused into. It is something for which he will give his life. How did this devotion come about? A combination of his personality, his interior life, as well as society's influence, molded him into a terrorist. Ch'en is self-destructive; he is controlled by his religion of terrorism and his fascination with death. He is representative of the dedicated
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Although he is Chinese ethnically, he felt estranged and unconnected to his heritage. His separation from his ethnicity can be demonstrated through his physical appearance which relates more to a Mongolian than a Chinese national. His attachment to a class rather than a nation is reflected in Suan, who states "I don't want to create China... I want to create my people, with or without her. The poor. It's for them that I'm willing to die, to kill. For them only...." (189). It is clear that Ch'en and Suan do not feel as though they are part of China, and the quote also indicates that one of the chief reasons for feeling this way is their economic condition. For it was a time when many were starving in China, and agrarian land reform was most desperately needed. Colonialism causes an indeterminate quality of identity, and it creates a need for a radical change to link people such as Ch'en to a culture. They have been tainted by foreign culture, and no one feels like an insider. Ch'en has been shaped by this society and wants to diminish the suffering that it has brought about. It is the historical situation that Ch'en is in that helps him make the choices that he does. At 24 years of age, Ch'en had no money, but only worthless diplomas. He was a

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