The Underlying Profitability Of Importing American Books Into Chinese Market Through The Aspect Of Culture And Economy Essay

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I. Introduction China Zhijian Publishing House, founded in 2010, is a company which mainly publishes Chinese publications and about 600 categories of new books can be published every year. The category of publications includes popular books, reference books, applied technology books, textbooks, medical electronic and audio-visual publications and so on. In addition, China Zhijian Publishing House had 2 readers services departments at Beijing and established 50 agent sites, and meanwhile, it had also achieved internet selling by applying online sales platforms. In recent years, China Zhijian Publishing House plans to bring American books into China markets, thus, some outstanding American books can be sold in China. This report is going to analyze the underlying profitability of importing American books into Chinese market through the aspect of culture and economy. II. Country’s Relevant History China is an ancient country with more than 5000 years of history. In the past, China experienced a series of wars before the founding of the new China, such as the Opium War, Sino - Japanese War, the Second Revolution, the Northern Expedition, Encirclement Campaigns, Anti-Japanese War and War of Liberation. China faced a series of severe wars, and never gave up any chance to fight with enemies. China is also an energetic country with a lot of ancient culture and history. In the ancient times, the literature of China was well developed in the ancient style. There are a lot of great
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