The Underlying Truth Behind Secrets

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The Underlying Truth behind Secrets
From time to time a deep secret unfolds and depending on the secret, it can either be beneficial or detrimental to the situation it has produced. *In the plays Oedipus the King and A Doll House, the female characters (Iocaste and Nora) keep a life changing secret from the other characters (Oedipus and Torvald) in the story which eventually surfaces. The plays show that secrets can bring either acceptance, devastation, or vengeance for both the one keeping the secret and the one from whom the secret is withheld. Conflict between the characters is caused by separation or even something as extreme as suicide.* The male characters that are affected most by the secrets and the secret holders all have their
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He is devastated and cannot accept the fact that he has to live with the guilt of being the reason for her death. If he did not try to find the murderer of Laïo like Iocaste said, everything would have turned out okay. Oedipus can no longer accept what has happened because of the devastation and brings vengeance to himself. The secret lead to total devastation because of death and harm from both the secret holder and the one whom the secret is being withheld from. In the play, the secret holder tries to prevent harm, without knowing that her secret will be revealed and bring the biggest harm. She does not try to bring vengeance by suicide but in her eyes, she believes it is the only way for acceptance to happen. By ending her life, she believes that the problem will be solves and that Oedipus move on from the damage that Iocaste has created. Suicide is the wrong thing because Oedipus is hurt the most by it. Henrik Ibsen’s play A Doll House illustrates a secret that is kept from a husband by a wife that ultimately ends with a separation between the families. During the play, Nora’s secret about a loan is kept from Torvald because it is unacceptable for a wife to go behind her husband’s back without him knowing. When Torvald finds out, he is furious with Nora and calls her a “criminal” for what she has done (3.243-4). He talks about how his pride and future could be ruined because of what she has done
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