The Ungoing Algerian War Fought between France and the Algerian Independence Movement

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Algerian War The Algerian War is an ongoing war being fought between the state of France and Algerian independence movements. Background In 1830 the French invaded and captured Algiers, the invasion resulting in considerable bloodshed. Between 1830 and 1872 the indigenous Algerian population declined by a third due to a combination of violence and disease epidemics. French policy was predicated on "civilizing" the country and Algeria's social fabric suffered during the occupation. Since 1848 the French have administered Algeria as an integral part and département of the nation. Being one of France’s longest-held overseas territories, thousands of European immigrants arrived in Algeria and came to be known as the Pied-Noirs. These European settlers benefited from the French government’s confiscation of communal land from indigenous Algerians and the application of modern farming techniques exponentially increased the agricultural output. With the Algerian nationalist movement gaining momentum, in March 1943, Algerian leader Mahmoud Abbas presented the French with the ‘Manifesto of the Algerian People’, demanding an Algerian constitution guaranteeing immediate political participation and legal equality for Muslims. In 1944 the French formulated a reforms based on the Viollette Plan of 1936 which granted French citizenship to certain categories of ‘meritorious’ Algerian Muslims. On May 8, 1945, while France celebrated Victory in Europe Day, Muslim protesters in Sétif organized
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