The United Nations Army, An Outline Essay

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The U.N. army was made of 14 non communist armies that were all led Gen. Douglas MacArthur • Sep 15 of 1950 of MacArthur had attack around Inchon behind the North Korean area with U.N. forces had breakout around Pusan • It was the U.N. forces then within a couple of weeks then had control of the South Korean capital of Seoul and land up to 38th parallel with MacArthur crossing the parallel by Oct 9 and near the Chinese border of Yalu river • Chinese then responded with an attack of 300 thousand “volunteers” after Thanksgiving which caused for MacArthur to retreat back to the Korean peninsula • Jan 4 of 1951 was of the Communist troops then that surround Seoul • It was a couple months after of U.S. then took back Seoul and were now …show more content…

Lewis was given a large fine that of Truman infuriated by him • It was of the Republicans with the control of both houses within Congress sought to veto Trumans power in 1946 • It was of conservative southern Democrats with the Taft-Hartley Act within 1947 that was meant to fix the 1935 National Labor Relations Act with intentions of the abuses before of the secondary boycott and the nationwide strikes to examine union employers • Unions were not for the Section 14b that gave the states the power to pass “right to work” laws that did not allow for union shops to form • It was Truman then that vetoed the Taft-Hartley bill within June of 1947 with Congress then override this veto • It was of Truman by the time of 1947 that had lost popularity and then was labeled of the term of “To err is Truman” • Left wing of Democrats was of the Progressive party of candidate of Henry A. Wallace for the New Deal who was fired as sec of commerce before under

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