The United State Government Spent Too Much Money Higher Education

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The United State government spent so much money higher education, “The federal government spends 167 billion on higher education, mostly through federally subsidized college loans, Pell grants, work-study programs, and tuition tax credits and deductions. Many times when the government given the college the money, this money is unregularly, “This money flows freely to colleges and universities with very few strings attached”. The government spent so much money on higher education so that people can try to get a job after college, “There’s no requirement that schools keep tuition affordable, or improve their graduation rates, or make sure the degrees they confer lead to actual jobs.” Fishman is using logo to explain the government spent a billion dollars on education, but when people graduate from college they have trouble finding a job. Logos is used well to explain why the government spends so much money just so people can go to college and remain in college they have the money. When college students graduate find it’s tough to find a job, but still have to pay their student loans off. The Obama administration came up with a plan to have the department of education to rate America’s colleges and universities on tuition cost and their graduation rate. This will help students make about right college to attend and cause college to improve. This will allow the government to give money to college that’s actually improving and their graduate is improving.
After college many…
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