The United States Air Force Doctrine Essay

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“In short, doctrine is what is officially approved to be taught. But is far more than just that. Doctrine is the departure for virtually every activity in the air arm.” - I. B. Holley, Jr.
Doctrine, is a thought that leads to best practice, this thought is flexible, takes the structure of air power theorists and generates a focus from the tactical to the strategic. The doctrine of air force is of vital importance because it represents the consolidation of air power theories and the variables that affect the success of air power in relation to the technological possibilities and the strategy of the nation. The development of the air force doctrine after 1947 represents the greatest impact on the employment of American air power. Because, the United States Air Force doctrine changed its perspective of the war and adapted to meet the challenges of the war in Korea. Additionally, the adaptability of air power during the Vietnam War was indispensable to meet challenges due to the technology gap and lack of training. Lastly, reconciling the doctrine of the Air Force with the other services to work in a joint environment, and addressing the challenges of the future. Furthermore, the bad perception of air power during the Vietnam War was due to several factors such as poor organization, lack of a robust command and control structure, and lack of training planning. Moreover, the theorists of air power of the interwar period over emphasized strategic bombing. Because,

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