The United States And The Civil War

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Throughout lectures this semester we have encountered numerous ‘characters’ so to speak who have helped to shape the United States of America through either their unified visions of the country or through their differing opinions and compromises. From the Colonists and English government all the way to the end of our textbook and the Civil War each character has had a clear cut vision of what the nation could do to improve itself because they each knew that without change there could be no progress because if you are not evolving, that meant things would stay the same. There is something to be said about this nation never being satisfied with its current state some may call it insanity, but these characters believed in their visions and called it progress. In this paper, we will explore the visions of each major player from this past semester and look at what each person wanted for the United States and the ultimate outcome and how things might have been if that trajectory had been changed.
Let’s begin with the Colonists and the English Government/King James things between these two groups started out very peaceful and the Colonists were in the New World to claim things for England and make England grow and prosper, this goes well for a short while and then the Colonists realized that they wanted more. King James wanted the Colonies to be like a little miniature England and function just the same this is all fine, but there was a certain line of how much control he had on…

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