The United States And The Civil War

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The United States have been in many wars over 100 years. It has changed our country in many different ways. The United States have been successful in all the wars we have been in. I’m gone talk about my favorite wars. The first war I’m gone discuss is the Civil War. This was as they call it the bloodiest clash. The civil War began April 12, 1861 and lasted up until May 9, 1865. It was located in the Southern, Northern and the Western part of the United States. Seven southern laves states declared from the United States and form the Confederate States of America. They were also called the “Confederacy” or just the “South”. The Civil War had problems dealing with slaver at this time. The president of the Unites States was Abraham Lincoln. The Civil War was the earliest industrial wars. Railroads, steamships, and mass produced weapons were in use. The Civil War was kicked off when confederate forces fire on Ft. Sumter. Ft. Sumter was held in South Carolina and was run by the union troops. The president called on every state to bring troops to help retake the fort. In the summer of 1862 the Union had destroyed the confederate river navy and the western armies. In 1863 Roberts Lee’s confederate north came to a hault at the Battle of Gettysburg. President Lincoln declared the Emancipation Proclamation which was ending slavery. In 1864 William Sherman led to capture Atlanta and destroyed the confederate along the way. The confederacy had split the siege of Vicksburg in two at the…

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