The United States And The Federal Government

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Multigenerational covers over seventy years from birth till present employing over one hundred and fifty eight million in the year 2011 were in the workforce based on the United States, Bureau of Labor Statistics a federal agencies reporting to the Office of Personal Management, known as the federal government. The federal government is a perfect snapshot of how four different generations collaborate and work together, supporting and running our federal government. I think about 911 quite often; my company lost eleven victims was in the office at the World Trade Center. Back then, if the Department of Homeland Security collaborated such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Immigration Customs Enforcement, Customs and Border …show more content…

A good majority of the federal employees are great savers, and planned nicely over their thirty year career and are prepared for retirement financially, not all, however, a good portion.

Internally at my place of employment, there are fourteen states and within the fourteen states there are a team of twenty four account representatives ranging from 20 something to my guess 60 something. We too are enriched with diversity regards to ethnic, religious, education levels, and family units. In addition to our characteristics we have the common personality trait of strong personalities, hardworking, dedicated, and most important we are emotionally dedicated to our clients. The cohesiveness took several years for us to get our “Groove On” and have learned not everything works overall quite efficiently. Taking time to have a better understanding with each era, such as their values, upbringing, and lives lessons, could provide management and colleagues a more cohesive workplace and retaining valuable employees. Typically in the sales arena and corporate America, there is a shelf life for many reasons which are not addressed at least on paper. Beginning with salaries and health care benefit costs the Boomer population cost companies more money, the impacting the profit and bottom dollar. For profit verses not-for-profit varies greatly and hope for profit corporations would find the value in keeping

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