The United States Government

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The United States government may not always be seen as a flawless group; however, it is generally more favorable than having corporations ruling over America. In Pills and Starships, Nat and her family do not have a stable government to rely on, and they are instead at the whims of the corps’ intense regulations, pharmacontrol, and sponsored massacres. The corps uses manipulation often in order to achieve their goal of rejuvenating the Earth so they can remain. In Pills and Starships, Lydia Millet demonstrates how a corporate controlled body has enough influence within the collapsing society to dictate how Nat and her family act as citizens.
In Pills and Starships, governance no longer concerns which political party will suit the nation best, but rather which marketing technique can brainwash the most citizens. The service corporations have taken over as the main and the only form of government, and rule over all aspects of the society. When trying to describe the corps, Nat says that they, “along with the energy and food and water corps, are either instead of government or just run it themselves” (20). Complete power over the society gives the corps the means to regulate smaller aspects of the lives of citizens. The people in this society still vote for their leaders, undoubtedly to create an illusion of democracy, because they choose their leaders mainly based upon their appearance in their vids and soundbites on face. In fact, “most people are more interested in the

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