The United States And The World Of Education

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The United States is currently ranked seventeenth in the developed world of education. (The Huffington Post) Finland is ranked one of the highest on this scale which raises the question as to what the United States does differently to fall so far behind. One of the key differences is homework and the lack thereof. Finland believes that large amounts of homework are detrimental to a student’s education. (Doyle) Why would the United States choose not to emulate this tested and proven system? That is what I am to discover. Through analysis of stakeholders such as students, teachers, prospective students and the United States Board of Education I plan to evaluate what it is that is keeping this system in place. The United States used to be…show more content…
Everything the homework attempts to teach us has already been taught by the professor.” (Ahmad) Another student has a similar stance, “Homework often keeps me up until four or five in the morning. It’s not because I’m lazy, there is just so much of it!” (Galaviz) The third student I spoke to had an interesting stance of the value of homework. He believed that, “In all of my classes, homework is worth very little. If it were worth extra credit, rather than a grade, I believe that it would be more beneficial to the student body.” (Richards) The general census from the college student body seems to be that they have a negative attitude towards homework. These students fail to see the value that homework has which is ironic seeing as how this is the same view that created one of the greatest educational systems in the world. The teachers and professors seem to both agree and disagree. I asked a previous teacher of mine what her opinion was on homework and she gave me a list of pros and cons. “Homework helps to reinforce what it is that I have taught them. Many of the students that have more free time will not study if I do not assign the homework. There are the few students that will study outside of class and this reflects on their test scores.” I then asked her what she felt about the ones who did study. She replied, “I could not show favoritism,
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