The United States Constitution And The Rights Of The Constitution

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The United States Constitution is a document that embodies the fundamental laws and principles by which the United States is governed, sets limits on what the government can and cannot do, as well as defines the natural rights, liberties, and freedoms of American citizens. It is arguably, the most important document ever crafted in American history and the one document that affects every single citizen within the United States every single day. It is thanks to this document that the United States citizens can enjoy the freedoms that they hold today, which are outlined in the bill of rights, as well as ensuring the citizens a fair form of government through a system of checks and balances, which guarantees that the government cannot bare qualities of tyranny, corruption, and ineptitude. For example, natural rights such as the freedom of speech, which is the first amendment in the bill of rights of the constitution, ensures that the citizens of a government have a voice in government policy and procedures by allowing them to participate in political discussion, to voice their opinions through debate, and to express their content or discontent with a government official or policy, as well as laying the foundation for all other freedoms and rights. The Constitution also prevents the government from becoming too powerful or tyrannical through the separation of powers, as well as places limitations on the powers of the government through provisions such as the Establishment
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